Set Design

Johnson & Johnson – CHC

When Johnson & Johnson needed to produce a comprehensive event to keep their front line employees up to date, they reached out to Flashpoint. The trick for this event was converting the atrium of the Johnson & Johnson headquarters into an event space during the day with extensive lighting from outside. Services Production 100%Graphic Design 80%Photography 80%Presentation Development 90%Set Design 100%Video Production 70%

Hendon Rocks

As part of the annual ICSC Conference, Hendon Properties hired Flashpoint to take over the famous “Hendon Rocks” annual event. This year it was held at the Palm’s Hotel and Casino with an audience of over 7,000 attendees. Flashpoint took over almost the entire property for three days. By leveraging the entire Hotel and Casino, Flashpoint was able to create experiences in all of the Palm’s legendary properties including, The Hugh Hefner Suite, Rain Nightclub, the entire outdoor Pool area, and even their major concert hall venue “The Pearl”. Flashpoint constructed every aspect of the event including all media, production, entertainment, print, and web development. Services Activations 90%Brand Development 80%Digital Marketing 70%Graphic Design 80%Photography 90%Presentation Development 90%Production 100%Set Design 100%Trade Show 70%Video Production 80%Web Development 70%

Hendon Properties – Tradeshow Booth

Hendon Properties is one of the most well know Commercial Real Estate Development Companies in the United States. Each year Hendon Properties has a booth at the ICSC Convention in Las Vegas. This year they wanted to step up their game and create something that is more conducive to their brand. Flashpoint was brought in to create every aspect of the project. Services Production 100%Activations 70%Brand Development 80%Set Design 100%Graphic Design 70%Lead Generation 90%Photography 80%Trade Show 100%Video Production 70%Web Development 80%

Real Live Sports

Flashpoint was brought in to help consult with marketing, branding, and strategic planning. We designed and fabricated custom presentations and trade show booths that enabled their products to get to market.  Services Activations 80%Brand Development 90%Popup Store 100%Graphic Design 90%Lead Generation 80%Photography 70%Production 100%Set Design 90%Trade Show 90%Video Production 80%

Delta Air Lines – Re-Lighting of the Fly Delta Jets Sign

As Delta Air Lines was getting ready for their emergence from bankruptcy they wanted to make a statement by repairing the historic “Fly Delta Jets” sign that has been a landmark at Hartsfiled Jackson Atlanta International Airport for decades. Flashpoint aided in the pre-production and the event lighting the sign for select employees and media to see. Services Activations 80%Photography 80%Production 100%Set Design 80%Video Production 70%

Delta Air Lines – New York Stock Exchange Ringing of the Bell

As Delta emerged from Bankruptcy Flashpoint was engaged to help manage and oversee the major press event surrounding Delta’s re-listing on the New York Stock Exchange. By working with CNBC, the NYSE, Delta Air Lines, and the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Flashpoint was able to help Delta ring the bell of the NYSE from the Delta service counters at Hartsfield. Because of the critical nature of this event Flashpoint was able to utilize satellite trucks that connected us directly to the floor of the stock exchange so that we could ensure that Delta would open the exchange on time. Services Activations 80%Graphic Design 80%Photography 90%Production 100%Set Design 70%Video Production 80%

Delta Air Lines – Brand Reveal

As Delta Emerged from Bankruptcy Flashpoint was hired to help create a once in a life time experience to help launch the new brand for Delta Air Lines worldwide. By thinking outside of the box Flashpoint decided to launch a brand like it had never been done before. With the help of our custom fabrication team Flashpoint was able to unleash the Delta brand on a MAJOR scale. Flashpoint’s designers created the world’s largest Kabuki drop and hid and entire 747 behind a curtain that could only be released by Delta’s CEO Gerald Grinstein. Services Activations 80%Brand Development 100%Graphic Design 80%Photography 70%Presentation Development 90%Production 100%Set Design 9%Video Production 80%

Delta Air Lines – Block Party

As Delta emerged from Bankruptcy, they wanted to have a party for their employees and they turned to Flashpoint to help them create an experience that they would not forget!  Flashpoint turned Delta Air Line’s legendary campus in Atlanta Georgia into a massive festival that played host to 10,000 of Delta’s employees and their families.  The event included carnival games, a special fly over of the new Delta Branded Plane, performances by musical recording artist and an American Idol finalist, custom promotional vehicles, unique food vendors and a special presentation by Delta’s senior leadership team. Services Activations 90%Brand Development 70%Cultural Transformation 90%Graphic Design 70%Photography 80%Production 100%Set Design 90%Video Production 70%