In our Public Relations role we don’t buy ads, we don’t write stories for reporters, we don’t put up billboards, we don’t come up with catchy phrases to make people buy more products.

So what does Flashpoint’s PR service do?

We promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage. This is known as “earned” or “free” media, stories appearing on websites, newspapers, magazines and TV programs, as compared to “paid media” or advertisements.

We share the same goals as advertising agencies, i.e. promoting clients and making them seem as successful, honest, important, exciting or relevant as possible. But the paths to creating awareness are vastly different. Advertising is paid for and typically viewed with skepticism, while articles or TV appearances in respected publications have the advantage of third-party validation and are generally viewed more favorably and less as an abrupt solicitation.

Successful initiatives utilize a multi-faceted mix of new and proven communication strategies. To develop campaigns that reflect our clients’ unique needs, we have the experience to provide the strategic thought, idea creation, and influence required.

Traditional media remains a primary source of news, but the market has expanded from print media to include online publications. In addition, there are more opportunities than ever to reach a broader audience base by disseminating news through social media channels. Flashpoint’s strategic approach to media relations identifying the most newsworthy angles and segment them by the type of outlet most likely to generate coverage.