Management Consulting: Providing Value To Your Clients

Management consultants help businesses analyze their current ways of operating and formulate new strategies to meet their business goals.  Management consulting firms will tell you that they see their mission as providing superior service to their clients rather than to build their own shareholder value, but really how much of that is true today?

Most of the management consulting firms today talk about how they “offer advice on strategy, marketing, organization, operations etc. etc.”  Offering advice is one thing actually directing and assisting in the implementation of those strategies is an entirely different matter.  The implementation of these strategies used to be a mainstay of management consulting, today not so much.

So why the change?

Maybe it’s because many consultants tend to utilize “templates” slightly adapted to meet each particular client’s industry or needs.  Maybe they don’t have enough faith in their own abilities, offering advice is one thing, staking your entire reputation on the outcome of a particular strategy is another.  Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier and safer to say “well I gave them the plan, they just didn’t follow it!” than actually british essay writer  at take responsibility for ensuring a client’s success.

To me the most important aspect of management consulting is not just identifying the issues and coming up with a strategy to overcome them, but to ensure that the strategy is fully implemented and that the client is successful.  Success is the only thing that is going to provide value to the client.

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