Integrated Marketing Communications Plans for the 21st Century

As we push forward into the second decade of the 21st century marketing is continuing to evolve and expand at an ever increasing pace. Despite the increasing pace of change, few firms from Wall Street to Small business America are properly embracing these new market forces and adjusting their integrated marketing communications plans accordingly.  Today you need an agency that specializes in developing Integrated Marketing Communication plans that properly allocate resources across all of the correct marketing channels both new and old for your business.

Once the marketing channels are identified and the resources are properly allocated, then it becomes a matter of developing an overarching brand strategy that is custom tailored to your market environment, customers, competitors, and employees.  This strategy becomes a blueprint for you to execute against. Just like an architect has their master plans.

With the Channels identified, and the resources allocated along with the final brand strategy it comes down to execution.  Once you begin executing amongst all of your marketing channels it becomes critical to continually monitor and analyze the results of your various campaigns to determine what is working and not working effectively.  The process of monitoring the execution of your IMC strategy is the same strategy that fighter pilots use – the OODA loop. The OODA loop consists of a constant process which includes: Observe, Orient, Detect, Act. By constantly executing this process you are able to guide your IMC to maximize the desired results. By maximizing your desired results you are able to make sure that you are maintaining a cohesive brand architecture and maximizing ROI.

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